Our Services

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We offer online cloth repairing and alteration service with quality.  You can customize your way of bringing the clothing items back to life on our online platform. We will repair or alter them and return them by mail right to your doorstep. It’s that simple!

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Size Adjustment
Length Adjustment
Material Replacement

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Exterior Patching

Interior Patching

Hand Darning

Sleeves Alteration 


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How to Use Our Services


01  Explore & select the right service to revive your clothes

We have a variety of services to repair or alter them. Some services require hand sewing, while some use a machine, but they are offered with loves and cares either way!

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02  Customize your design & materials preference

Feel free to choose whatever fits you. It could be the colors, the style, or even the story behind the design or material that resonates your value. Let them be part of your clothes so that it can reflect who you are when you wear them again!  Take your time and enjoy your shopping in a slow fashion way.

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03  Order & purchase

You can make one or multiple orders in one purchase. When ordering , you will be asked to fill out a brief detail. Don't worry ! In the next step, we will have a form to fill in to communicate with our sewer. Now our option is to purchase via mobile banking transfer.

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04  Fill in your clothes details

After you made the purchase, fill in some information & photos of your clothes , just send them to our sewers for revival. We value your privacy. Your information will be used with care and in private just to track and match your cloth with your order (avoiding any unfortunate loss).

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05  Ship & wait

Ship your clothes to us via any logistics you are comfortable with. And Knock, knock! We got a package for you. After 14-21 days - enough time for our sewers to carefully work on your cloth and for us to do quality check - you will have your beloved clothes delivered back to your doorstep. It’s time to put them on. 

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What to Prepare Before Order

Measure part you want to repair or alterate



​Keep the measurement tool with you along the process


Take a photo of your items


Mark the part you want to communicate to our sewers in the photo


Face-to-face Ordering Service

a 30-minute video call session with our staff

Why Face-to-face Order Service ?


talk directly with us


have guidance through the process

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get recommendations that best fit your garments







Book a call with us via our website. We will send a booking confirmation with meeting link to your e-mail. We suggest you to prepare the items you want to repair/alterate to illustrate to us how you want to revive them before the call. 

We will guide you through the process. Feel free to explore our services and ask us anything about the services or let us suggests which one fits your clothes. You can make one or multiple orders in one purchase.

After the call , we will send the order confirmation with price quotation via our LineOA within 4 hours. You can purchase through mobile banking transfer. The last step is shipping your clothes to us and wait 14-21 days for your beloved clothes 

Feel Good Shopping with Us

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Unlike buying new clothes, shopping with us helps you (and mother nature) extend the lifetime of used clothes which saves amazing tons of natural resources and time spent to produce a new one. This is the biggest step you could take to save the planet when it comes to clothing besides being naked! 


”It takes around 7,500 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans. This is equivalent to the amount of water an average person drinks over a period of 7 years”

Better yet, by shopping with us, you are supporting the livelihood of the grassroot communities. For every baht you’ve spent with us, at least 35% goes directly to the wage and beneficial fund for our wonderful sewers who are informal workers and refugees. We also allocate a portion of our profit to support the Fashion Revolution - the community that plays a huge role in setting a sustainable fashion paradigm in Thailand - as well as other grassroot activism. 

Last but not least, at Reviv, we want to help you embrace the experience and the connection with your clothes again.  Our service helps you re-wear a piece of memory and at the same time creating a new one with it! 

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