Reviv is an online provider of cloth repairing & alteration services. We are a mission-oriented company run by purposeful individuals who commit to forge a fashion industry that is local, inclusive, and mindful of nature.


Our company’s mission is to fabricate the culture of sustainable fashion in Thailand by: 

  1. Making cloth reuse common and fashionable

  2. Driving inclusive economy

  3. Empower the labor market towards the slow fashion businesses

Our Mission

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Business Unusual

Let’s face it. The fashion industry has been doing more harm to our society than favors. If the ultimate purpose of economic growth is to improve the well-being and prosperity for all mankinds, the industry barely contributed anything but perpetuates the destruction of our sustainable future. 


“The industry’s carbon emissions are higher than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.” 


Fast fashion has made apparel businesses become the 2nd most polluted industry in the world. We carelessly exhaust tremendous amounts of resources - both in nature and among us humans - to produce unsustainable, new clothes into the flooded market that already have enough clothes for everyone on Earth to wear. And we did all that just to make profit from the unnecessary demand driven by the materialism mindset in which consumers put their own value and self-worth to an endless consumption of new products.

But things can’t no longer continue this way forever. The world won’t tolerate us any longer. Scientists have made that clear. Our climate has made that clear. The people of the next generation have made that clear.  We, the industry, no longer have room for “business as usual”. 


”It takes around 7,500 litres of water to make a single pair of jeans. This is equivalent to the amount of water an average person drinks over a period of 7 years”

Fashions That Last

At Reviv, when we talk about fashions that last, we mean any kind of fashion that is going to help mankind and other species last longer on this planet happily. And, for us, the best ones are those that make consumers rewear their used clothes again and again and again. This is because the longer they are used, the less new clothes are needed to be bought. 


We must see the value of our clothes beyond the price tags.  In every piece of cloth, massive amounts of time, energy, resources, and labors are spent into the production. When combined together, they represent the embedded value of our clothes. Every time we discard them away, even for recycling, we have destroyed the accumulated values inside the products. Thus, the best way to preserve them is to ensure that we keep reusing our clothes as long as possible.

Buy what you need sustainably.
If it’s broken, fix it.

If not needed, pass it forward.

Do not waste it.

(But if you really have to, discard it properly.)

The purpose of Reviv is to be a part of the fashion revolution. We are committed to help consumers reuse their clothes longer by providing access to cloth repair & alter services as well as second-hand products. We are also committed to educating consumers to rethink fast fashion so that they could decouple their self-worth and confidence from consumerism. In doing so, we believe that they will be more aware of the true cost of their consumption behavior and see the value of making more with the clothes they already have.

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Fashions That Leave No One Behind

 ”Less than 1% of a T-shirt’s cost on a price tag goes to workers’ wages. More than half goes to the retailers  ”

Another sad truth about the fashion industry is that it often neglects the actual people who make the clothes. Many garment workers have to work in poor conditions for long hours just to earn a wage that barely meets their financial needs. Informal workers in particular have to face the worst of it all, as they receive even lower wages and lack social protection & rights as workers. And, despite decades of social movements against the problem, we still fail to actively address it as an industry.

Reviv needs to ensure that we, as a company, are a part of the solution, not the problem. Fair and transparent wages for our sewers must be a priority. We need to give job opportunities to the informal workers or those who belong to the vulnerable communities wheneverwe can. Apart from fair wages, we must also do our part to support their well-being and we should do this inclusively with our sewers by developing bottom-up beneficial programs funded by us. 

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”In Thailand, there are at least 20 millions informal workers which is more than half of the total labor force in Thailand.”

Fashions That Support Locality & Equity

We believe that sustainable fashion should not just be about reducing negative impacts. It should be the first mandatory step to make but we should never take it as a goal. We must actively seek opportunities to use our business as a tool to support social movements by using the creativity and resources that we possess to integrate textile products made by grassroot or vulnerable communities into our services, allowing their name and products to be recognized. We also see meaning in using our business as a platform to vocalize voices of the unheard in our society in terms of equity and rights.

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Squaring the Circle
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We are well aware that what we are doing is ambitious. Any conventional businessman would probably warn us to turn back and reconsider our plan, but we don’t want to be conventional and we believe neither do our customers and partners. The road ahead of us is probably going to be damn challenging - like squaring a circle - but we don’t think we are alone in this journey. If what a sustainable future needs from us is a square, then a square we make.

Our Core Values

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“Embrace and drive changes”

Our team is a collection of mission-oriented individuals who highly value growth and sense of purpose. Reviv supports everyone to be passionate in learning new things and embrace new experiences - including mistakes - with honesty and creativity.

Our Customer

“Together we care to make things right”

Our mission cannot be realized without the support from you, our customer. Thus, it is imperative that we must strive to offer our products & services the best way we can. We need to put great care in every process of our work and stay true to the company’s philosophy for our customers who cherish quality service and believe in the same cause we are doing.

Our Earth

“Act and speak for the Earth”

As an organization, we are committed to act and speak on behalf of our planet. Reviv needs to join forces and support social movements that steers our course towards a society that cherishes diversity and ecological regeneration. 

Our Employee

“Sincere relationship, prioritize well-being”

Our employees and sewers come from different backgrounds and cultures, and the key to successful organization in such an environment is to treat each other with honesty and kindness. Another core value we held at Reviv is work-life-balance. We want our employees to prioritize well-being and view their work here as a part that contributes to it.

Our Community

“Power to the people”

Same as our planet, we will use our business platform to vocalize the voices of the grassroots to address the existing poverty gap and the demand for rights of their identity and heritage, including their lands. Beside that, we will also act by distributing a part of our project to support our sewers from vulnerable communities, and by joining forces with partners in our network to push matters on a bigger scale.